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 Welcome to Rollingbrook Fellowship, Baytown's First Baptist Church.

Rollingbrook Fellowship is a thriving and diverse Christian community of real people experiencing real life together. Sundays are a time when we gather together to worship Jesus, grow in our faith by engaging God's Word, and connect with our church family--but our walk with Jesus isn't only for Sunday.  Our hope is that each follower in our biblical community would daily love Jesus and make his love known. You are invited to join with us in this amazing journey with Jesus.

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"The Joy and the Judgment of Jesus' Return"   As we continue our journey through the letters to the Thessalonians, Pastor Bill takes us through a remarkable passage about Jesus' return.  The return of Jesus frees His children and truly offers joy.  At the same time, it reminds of the profound consequences of not knowing Him.

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Every Tuesday, Saturday, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM|505 Rollingbrook, Baytown, TX US 77521

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Josh Mitchell | Bible Study, Idolatry, Worship

Some stories in the Bible can lose the weight they have in modern culture. This is usually because we don't understand all of the elements at play during the time period that portion of scripture was written. So I thought...

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