1) Give your time and talent.



2) Give your treasures


Giving online provides you a simple and convenient give to your church more easily.

  • Give when you're out of town or not at service
  • Give automatic re-occuring gifts
  • Give through your phone during service or out of service

Although online giving is more accessible and convenient, it is important we practice good stewardship.

  • Please use your debit card if you do not pay off credit card bill in full each month.
  • Automatic re-occurring monthly gifts is also offered at your bank and it is easy to set up with no service charge and with no transaction fees.

How Do I Give?

Several safe and secure methods of giving provide convenient ways to financially contribute to The Brook.


Simply place cash or checks in the offering basket during the collection at any weekend service. Be sure to include your name and address on the check or envelope so that donation credit may be provided for tax purposes.


Online giving allows for a specific dollar amount to be deducted automatically from a bank account or credit card. You can set up online giving either as a one-time donation or a recurring gift. Online giving is not only easy, it’s also safe and secure. This option helps individuals and families remain faithful in their giving even when they are out of town or unable to attend a weekend service.

You can do online giving through our website or on our church app offered on a iPhone or Android.

Alternative: Some of our members use the online bill pay service through their financial institution, which can be scheduled, and mails a printed check to our offices.

For more information about online giving, please check our online giving FAQ below.


Mail your donation to Rollingbrook Fellowship at 505 Rollingbrook, Baytown, TX 77521. Be sure to include your name and address on the check or envelope so that donation credit may be provided for tax purposes.


How are my donations to Rollingbrook Fellowship used?

You can donate to the General fund, which makes possible the day-to-day ministries and services of the church or many of the other designated funds listed as options.

Can I schedule recurring donations?

Yes, you can specify whether you want your online donation made once, weekly, twice per month, or monthly. You can set up multiple scheduled donations according to your preference.

Will I receive a donation statement?


How late in the year can I make a donation and receive a credit for this year’s taxes?

Per IRS regulations, donations for each year must be received or postmarked by December 31 in order to receive credit for that year’s tax purposes. Please submit your online, mailed, or in-person donation accordingly.

How do I update my online donation or contact information?

Simply click “Sign In” to create a registered account on our donation site. Once registered, you can update your contact information, change a scheduled donation, and preview your transaction history. If you are logged in, you can schedule a donation and the necessary account information will instantly and securely appear in your donation form.

Is online giving secure?

We’ve taken steps to ensure that the giving process is safe and secure from beginning to end. All of your giving data is secured by SSL encryption, which is a security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. It is the same technology used by banks and e-commerce companies such as to keep your information safe and secure during transactions.

Are there fees involved with online giving?

There are no fees incurred by the donor when giving online to The Brook. However, there are small service fees incurred by Rollingbrook Fellowship for accepting online donations. These fees are approximately 1% of the donation for bank transfers and 3% for credit/debit cards. Once we get this on the ground running our hope is to get our credit/debit card fees to decrease to 1.99%.

What about giving being an act of worship in a service?

This is a good question and believe it is very valid. If one chooses to give online outside of church, it is important they do it with their heart in the right place. We are called to not only worship God inside of church, but outside of church as well. Making the decision to give online and going through it can be an active of worship as well. That too was a heart decision whether it is a one-time donation or a re-occuring gift.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

Please email Pam Wilson, Finance & Office Manager, at for answers to any other giving questions you may have.